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We believe that some parenting choices, like bed-sharing or co-sleeping, can mean big things to a lot of different people. One thing is guaranteed, your children will love you for it. Everyone else in your life will fall into one of two groups. One group will support and understand your choice, the other will scorn you. We are trying to prove that there are many people co-sleeping and bed-sharing safely, just like you. This survey and its results will provide relief for anyone who has ever felt “pressure”, or is currently under “scrutiny” from the second group.

The Great Co-sleeping Survey is simply a decision by US to include YOU as a monument to stand up to people who say that YOU DO NOT EXIST, or that you are a BAD PARENT. We believe that in a large number, and complied in an easy to understand format, it will mean something different.

In reference to people visiting this site antagonistically or who would label a good co-sleeping parent as neglectful, or say that safe co-sleeping and bed-sharing is not possible, WE ARE THE ORGANIZERS OF SOMETHING YOU WOULD HAVE LIKED TO HIDE. The statistics gained here are from generations of women that are willing to tell you that you are WRONG.

So, in many ways now that the groundwork has been laid, YOU are “The Great Co-sleeping Survey”. And we thank you very much for that, as it is something that we truly believe in.


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