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Their mission " is to educate and support all parents in raising secure, joyful, and empathic children in order to strengthen families and create a more compassionate world."

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Mother Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab - The University of Notre Dame Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab. Directed by Dr. James J. McKenna, Ph.D. author of the book Sleeping with your Baby- A Parent's Guide to Co-Sleeping. This site include a series of articles and essays on co-sleeping as well as a FAQ's page with links to a variety of topics.

Le Leche League

Happy Mothers, Breastfed Babies

They offer a variety of info on breastfeeding topics including info on finding a Le Leche League in your local area. They also have an RSS feed for their podcasts.

Dr. Sarah J. Buckley -Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, The Best Possible Start. A wonderful site with great informative links.

Visit Sarah's Ten Tips for Safe Sleep Review of the Latest and Most-Authoritative Studies...

Because the AAP, baby product industry, and media want you to hear only the sensationalized incomplete findings.

This site is full of great info and links. Be sure to see their Co-Sleeping and SIDS Fact Sheet.

Ask Dr. Sears - CO-SLEEPING: YES, NO, SOMETIMES? Dr. Sears shares his own personal experiences with co-sleeping including tests he did with his wife and 8 week old child recording the babies breathing, movements, airflow etc. He also answers a variety of co-sleeping questions. Other features include the 7 Benefits of Co-Sleeping: Medical and Developmental, co-sleeping and SIDS and co-sleeping safety.

Natural Child Project - Children reflect the treatment they receive

Links to Co-Sleeping articles and info by Dr. James McKenna, Tine Thevenin, Peggy O'Mara, Jan Hunt and more -Breastfeeding & Parenting This site has links to co-sleeping info and articles.

Mothering Magazine - All of Mothering Magazines sleep articles and info in one place, including expert advice and a link to the Family Bed and Night Time Parenting Forums.





In the News- Co-sleeping stories covered in the media. Please follow us on twitter for a more updated and recent list of new stories.

Inquest told of baby’s death in bed-From the UK...The police had come to the home to arrest the father for allegations of rape. The police were actually the ones to find the child, face down, next to the passed out father.

Babies sleeping with parents is dangerous -Keeping parents from sleeping in a bed with a baby alongside them is the goal of a campaign run by Omaha Healthy Start.

The Co-sleeping Survey contacted the writer of this story...

she politely replied...

Thanks for reading and taking some time to respond to the article. I appreciate reader response.

Yes, the issue of co-sleeping is controversial, and there is disagreement about the practice on every level - doctors, parents, child advocacy groups, etc.

The focus of the article was about the newest campaign against co-sleeping - who is funding it, why it is targeting north Omaha neighborhoods and what forms the ads will come in (billboards/raio/on public transport)- not a general discussion of co-sleeping.

Again, I am pleased that you read the article and then took the time to voice concerns.

Chelsea Keeney
Omaha World-Herald

Inland experts sound the alarm on child deaths by suffocating in bed- In California, "experts" are interviewed.... Hunt, who prosecutes adults who are criminally charged in the death of a child, said the safest place for a baby is in a crib without loose bedding, pillows or toys, lying on their backs with their faces toward the ceiling.

Omaha Nebraska article is titled..."Parents Refuse to Co-Sleep With Infant", as if that is something they will be happy to tell him when he grows up!

Parents warned about co-sleeping in Australia- "Information is already provided by maternity hospitals and newborn units to new parents about the need to avoid sleeping with their baby in bed with them,"

Even Co-sleeping With Children Could Be a Threat to Westerners - "Whether sleeping by the side of one’s infants could lead to the baby’s death is a worry in some quarters in the West now." notes an article from MedIndia, an online health portal providing a range of services to both healthcare consumers and the medical professionals. The article points out the lack of reliable statistics used in the anti co-sleeping movement and points to one study " that concluded the practice of co-sleeping was harmful – and that was paid for by baby equipment manufacturers! "

Co-Sleeping Puts Babies At High Risk - "We have a huge problem with co-sleeping," Hadley said. "Some of our parents use drugs or alcohol, and it concerns us greatly that that have babies in the bed with them." Co-sleeping deaths are investigated by the state for abuse and, if no mal-intent is found, they are reported as child neglect cases, but Berner said the deaths often happen because mothers are not educated about the risks of sleeping with the baby. "A lot of times mothers don't even realize co-sleeping is a problem," Berner said. "They don't intend to do anything wrong, and they don't know any different."

Baby suffocated in parents' bed - Both parents had been drinking and when tested, it was calculated that Mr Holden would have had 143mg of alcohol in his blood at the time of the boy's death - over one a half times the legal limit for driving - and Ms Campbell 117mg. This is another sad example of why co-sleeping safety guidelines need to be made available to all parents. This is NOT an example of safe co-sleeping.

Co-Sleeping may influence the growth of bacteria - "It's possible that known risk factors for SIDS, such as overheating, co-sleeping, smoking may influence the growth of bacteria in these infants," Nigel Klein, one of the researchers, said in an e-mail interview.

Plain Township mother cites death of her son as she warns about dangers of co-sleeping -"Lisa West wasn't drunk, on drugs, taking prescription medications or morbidly obese the night her 4-month-old son died, she was sleeping." ....yes, she was sleeping, on a 'fold out bed'. That could mean a flimsy camping cot. And, they don't mention whether or not she is a smoker or if she is bottlefeeding.

State warns parents: 'Unsafe sleeping' can kill babies "It is a quiet, devastating death. Last year it claimed 14 babies in Orange County alone... Statewide, deaths from unsafe-sleeping practices are less common than drowning but more prevalent than leaving a child in a hot car." Maybe they should ban swimming in Orange County, they could save even more lives.

Powerful new PSAs warn parents of dangers of sleeping with child
This is a story from Kansas, about the NY state PSA about co-sleeping. Some of the words used…”Extremely dangerous”, “Frightening”.

Special bibs give plenty of baby tips In the UK even! Nice, a free bib for me, thanks. What does it say here… oh, don’t sleep next to your baby!

Deaths of Children Examined in New Report In Ohio, they say 17 deaths due to co-sleeping or inappropriate bedding…so, which is it?

Babies sleep safest alone In Buffalo NY, the writer has an interesting way to end the article…”Supporters don't think it's dangerous. And some say parents won't roll over onto a baby because they are conscious of their presence, even in their sleep”. She meant to put an exclamation mark at the end, but didn’t. I will add it here…”Even in their sleep”!

Babies Sleep Safest Alone Campaign Kicks Off

Co-Sleeping Campaign Begins She talks about how nice it is that NY state is stepping up to stop co-sleeping deaths…

Then, the story generates enough pro-co-sleeping comments that she has to re-post about how she was only writing an “opinion” blog. Blogs from “news” stations come off as news to most people.

The Aftermath of the Co-Sleeping Blog Post

New York State’s “babies sleep safest alone” campaign

Infant Deaths Related to Co-Sleeping Go Unnoticed

Erie County: Sleeping with infants is dangerous

New Mothers Should Know About Danger In Co-Sleeping With Infants

CPS rule book revised to improve child safety

A Deadly Mistake, A Family's Lesson

In the article below it’s her third death in 3 years.

Son's death leads to charge of homicide by child abuse

Howard Scripps early lead in articles….

Saving Babies -- Exposing Sudden Infant Death

Saving babies: Exposing sudden infant death in America

This is a 3 minute video from the Scripps News service with a link to site.

Saving Babies

SIDS organization endorses misleading Howard Scripps media….

Saving Babies: Exposing Sudden Infant Death in America

Poorly written article and considers all co-sleeping neglect

Child abuse, neglect deaths drop in state













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